Presentation at Symposium FUTURE NOW, Tenerife, Spain, on Sep23-27.





My presentation was about the conceptual background of my virtual puppetry “Parting on Z”, talking about paradoxical aspect of human experience. It went successful, receiving great responses, and continuing discussions from presenters.

In my panel, there were other panelists:

  • Jon Ippolito
    Researcher, University of Maine. Former curator, Guggenheim, New York
  • Amanda McDonald Crowley
    Director Eyebeam. New York
  • Ela Kagel
    Project curator of the Transmediale Festival. Berlin
  • Joline Blais
    Co-founder Sill Water. USA, Author of the book “The edge of art”
  • Gunalan Nadarajan
    Art Theorist / Curator. USA / Singapore


Jon Ippolito & Joline Blais

This symposium invited about 30 people from the world, mostly director of organizations. See the list of presenters here.

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