KINE458: Virtual Interactive Worlds

Friday from 10am-2:30pm, Annex Depot KI 3D lab, Fall 2019 Instructor: Semi Ryu(

Tech Assistant: Brianna Ondris

-KI alum/ Full database architect of CoPuppet production( VoicngeElder, VoicingHan avatar projects)/ previously developer at ThinkofUs

Class Description:
“Virtual Interactive Worlds” class explores virtual/augmented reality, game, and interactive 3D in a trans-disciplinary discussion between art, technology & humanity. Students from diverse majors will create team projects, exploring Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, and emerging media for 21st century. During the class, students will participate in virtual interactive projects as well as lectures and discussions. Students will work as a group in the project with various roles such as modeler, animator, programmer, sound artist, painter, choreographer, writer, coordinator, video doc, etc. Conceptual topic includes the issue of VR/AR/MR, critical play, avatar, game culture, interactivity, digital immortality and digital anthropology.

Software/Hardware includes:
-Autodesk Maya
-Unity 3D
-Wireless Realtime Mocap
-AR/VR headset
-the Azure Kinect with a depth sensor, high-def camera and a spatial microphone array

-Sentimental Analysis Algorithm (via Cortana speech recognition)

-3D scanner

Sample of Class Projects:

A project selected for InLight exhibition 2012:

A project published in Journal “Digital America”:

Advisory Board:

CoPuppet producrion: Omri Glaser(UX designer/Unity artist), Stefano Faralli(Professor, Dept of Computer Science, Unitelma Sapienza, Rome, Italy)

For graduate students, KINE591: 3D and VR media.

KINE591: 3D and VR Media (Graduate level class)

Wednesday from Noon-2:40 pm, Annex Depot KI 3D lab, Fall 2019 Instructor: Semi Ryu(

This course will explore techniques, concepts and aesthetic of 3D computer art (modeling, animation, print/scan, interactive) and Cross Reality platforms (VR/MR/AR), in the context of multiple states of self and reality. We will experiment potential art forms between virtual/ physical bodies and spaces, in individual and group project settings, and discuss how our body, experience and culture is technically mediated by ongoing development of Virtual media,

*Open to All majors. 3D experience is NOT required.