The performance starts with the following text, and the puppeteer starts singing, as virtual puppet fade-in very slow.
“Chun-hyang and Mongryong loved each other dearly, but eventually came time to part…”


English text generation of keywords, activated by puppeteer’s voice input, when no virtual puppet presented.(check enlarged view at scene 3)

<Scene 1: Monologue of Mong-Ryong – dialogue of puppet and puppeteer>
The Virtual Puppet “Mong-Ryong Lee” speaks saddly in Korean.
The puppeteer speaks to virtual puppet, watching him in a long distance.
Generative texts sample:

farewell, many thoughts, cannot help crying, what can I do, so many thoughts, random thoughts, thinking about past, a brave man, even heros cried, awkward, cry for farewell, tears, walking and walking, walking and walking, hold back tears, distraught..

<Scene 2: Monologue of Chun-Hyang – dialogue of puppet and puppeteer>

The Virtual Puppet “Chun-Hyang Seong” speaks in doubts and grief.


 Generative texts sample:

what happened, no correspondence, why, why so different, look depressed, tell me why, not drunk, no fever, do not answer, please sit, did you drink, no fever, look sick

release hands, sit back, misunderstood, of noble birth, of humble birth, romance for a while, your parents oppose, break-up, why did you come, write a letter saying goodbye, won’t beg for love, did not know, love for minute, being scold,awkwardly..

<Scene 3: Dialogues between lovers>

Virtual puppets “Lee” and “Seong”, speak each other, one by one.

Generative texts sample:

hold tight, listen to me, not true, not true, not to make you cry, cry, how can I tell you, hold her skirt, please sit, unlike your thoughts, try not to say, bear and forbear, fight back my tears, can not say without tears, the hem of skirt, in desperation, uncapable of saying, choked with unshed tears, not like what it seems, a chance to explain

what do you mean, do not understand, pleaes tell me, not like what it seems..

<Scene 4: Mixed presences – transforming beings>

Virtual puppets being mixed beyond dialogue.

Generative texts sample:

 ride on horse, secret meeting, promotion, meeting me, secret place, settle there, meet together, settle down, come to see me, study hard, succeed, go out with me, how wonderful, move up to capital, day and night, secret meetings, a successful career, married to a noble lady, visit me, a couple of times a month, shall be content

feel heavier, impossible, impossible, if you come up, despite of it, rumor, gossip, misunderstand you, as prostitute, big trouble, trouble after troulble, not make sense, do not say like that, a cruel world, out there, nothing can be a secret, even if we meet, life threatening..


 <Scene 5: Syncretic selves> 

Live captured face video of the puppeteer projected on virtual puppet face.

All puppets and puppeeter speaks together.


Generative texts sample: 

mean farewell, not going with me, goodbye, over between us, telling me

lost for words, look pale, faint, nervous, holding her tight, shocked, turns pale and faint, holds her in desperation, not leaving for good

leaving me finally, can not live without you, ruin my life, can not, live alone, life or death, I can not, do not leave, please, please, can not agree, young girl’s entire life, break up, no reason to live..


<Last Scence: Walking with reflection – parting on Z>

At the last scene, puppeteer stops singing, and starts walking with her virtual puppet, watching the puppet disappearing over the horizon of the virtual space. Her walks and breath steers the virtual puppet and space constantly moving(walk and breathe).  

The following subtitle texts displays, as the distance increases between virtual puppet and puppeteer.

“Your silhouette wanes like the moon.”

“Slowly metamorphosing into a star,”

“A butterfly,”

“A firefly,”

“And disappearing beyond the horizon”

“Not even leaving a trace of your shadow.”

The performance is ended when the puppeteer steps down from Wiifit, and lost her connection with virtual space. Constantly breathing virtual space is frozen as a complete still.