Sae-Grimja(Three Shadows)







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SAE-GRIMJA: Three shadows



Semi Ryu

Department of Kinetic Imaging

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA


Stefano Faralli


Department of Informatica

University of Rome, La Sapienza, Italy


Description of Artwork

세그림자SAE-GRIMJA is a Korean word meaning Three Shadows.”  It is an interactive art installation, playing on three different concepts of shadows: (1.) Traditional shadow cast by the human body  (2.) Broadcast shadow through video camera, cast by sand painting  (3.) Digital shadow, projected images of virtual interactive puppets. The shadows are created by three different processes and techniques, but shown on the same screen in the context of shadow and ritual. Sae-gurimja is a stage for shadow play between different generations of techniques and processes. It is a platform for collaborative storytelling between different media, traditional and digital, and different roles, such as storyteller, virtual puppeteer, background painter, and human shadow player.

The process of casting shadow is different for each of the three shadows.