Curating: “Kinetic/Performative 2012”


Kinetic/Performative 2012”

In a fusion of performative acts, gaze and site, the Department of Kinetic Imaging explores multiple dimensions of performances at FAB Gallery in the Fine Arts Building. Live acts will be performed with kinetic camera, under the themes: performative body, drawing, noise, voice, game and network. The aftermath of each performance will be left on site, constantly transforming the space during this three week period.

Opening performance: 4/9, Monday, 4:30pm
Closing reception: 4/26, Thursday, 4:30 pm


Performative body: Monday 4/9, 4:30pm
Performative drawing: Wednesday 4/11, 4:30pm
Performative gaze: Thursday 4/12, 4:30pm
Performative voice: Monday 4/16, 4:30pm
Performative network: Wednesday 4/18, 4:30pm
Performative noise: Thursday 4/19, 4:30pm
Performative game: Monday 4/24, 4:30pm
Performative site: Tuesday  4/25, 5pm


Curator: Semi Ryu, Ferwa Ibrahim