PhD with Highest Honor

Earned Ph.D with the Highest Honor, from the Doctoral program in Humanities and Communication at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, with thesis: 

Embodied Avatar Performance, Han Healing Ritual and Life-Review: Intersections of Art, Health and Virtual Reality.

Huge thanks for my most wonderful advisors- Ardevol Elisenda Mediaccions, Cristina Miranda de Almeida, Derrick de Kerckhove,

And best committee members: Tony Gentry, PARES BURGUES, ROC, and Ignasi Gozalo Salellas.

Also, really appreciate Roy Ascott who inspired me to initiate my doctoral inquiries at Planetary Collegium and allowed me to meet these amazing people.

And, my heartfelt thanks to my lovely family. My dearest Sangho Lee was the one who inspired me to join this program and provided me with the most loving environment. Luri has been very helpful in editing my documents, while Jeongwoo has helped me with tech testing.

Also, huge thanks to all my collaborators and community partners including Sarah Kye Price, Stefano Faralli, Dr. Gendron, Dr. Del Fabbro, Dr. Noreika, Victoria Flemming, Sarah B Cunningham, Brianna Ondris, Holly Ashton, Omri Glaser…

Thanks, all my friends, for your inspirations and encouragements❤️ After defense, I realized how much I love my research.

Extra feature: My diploma has Spanish King’s autograph🤩 (May 2023)