Rehearsal photos: Parting on Z


A Pansori master, Junghee Oh, is standing on Wiifit, wearing a wireless microphone.


She faces the virtual puppet and watch her/him most of the time. She also interacts with the drummer sitting beside.


The Drummer, Donghoon Kim, was interacting with Pansori master(puppeteer), speaking “Chuimsae.” Chuimsae are dynamic interactive actions presented in pansori, taken by the drummer or the audience to encourage the storyteller’s performance, with playful sounds such as “Ul-ssi-gu!” or “Ul-ssu!”


One of three virtual puppets, responding with the puppeteer’s voice and body balance. Her name is Chun-Hyang. Virtual puppet faces the puppeteer from a long distance, speaking back her story in real time mimicry and mirroring her body in swaying motions.


The puppeteer’s face is being tracked and captured from video camera, in real time. (used as live videomap of a virtual puppet face)


One of computers receives live video signal of puppeteer’s face, and send it to another computer running virtual puppets.


Live video map, tracking the puppeteer’s face


Virtual puppet, mapped with puppeteer’s face

More pictures and videos will come soon. Please stay tuned!!