CoPuppet established!!

Virtual puppet company “CoPuppet” has been established!!

CoPuppet is a virtual puppet company producing live 3D interactive performances that explore issues of bodies and experiences between virtual and actual space.  The idea of a puppet company is dynamically expanded by using virtual puppets (3D interactive bodies) in a trans-disciplinary discussion between art, technology, and humanity.

Semi Ryu has worked on virtual puppetry projects in collaboration with Stefano Faralli since 2002, and in 2013 she founded CoPuppet to further extend her inquiries into the following topics:

  1. Virtual puppetry: relationship of the actual and virtual body
    2. Game documentary: human subject and philosophical inquiries
    3. Play therapy: the psychic and emotional states of the performer and spectators

CoPuppet has initiated its first production with the project “Targeting Eyes.”  Its next project, ” VoicingElder: virtual puppetry assisting the elder’s life review,” will expand the scope of the project to therapeutic interventions and community engagement.  CoPuppet deeply investigates the psychic and emotional states of the user and spectators, to benefit those who have difficulties communicating in our society.

CoPuppet team:

Direction/performance by: Semi Ryu
3D character by: Anne Lantz
3D environment by: Tian Qin
Game mechanics by: Omri Glaser, Justin Moore
Sound by: Zach Kurth Nelson
Interactive device/ promotion by: Andrew Cote
HCI advice by: Stefano Faralli, Shaun Donachy