Targeting Eyes, 4 times of performances, NYC, July

CoPuppet(Virtual puppet company founded by Semi Ryu) presents “Targeting Eyes,”  at Brick Theater, Brooklyn, NY/ as a part of ” Game Play 2013: CELEBRATION OF VIDEO GAME PERFORMANCE ART, July 2013.

“Targeting Eyes” is a live game performance that explores the artist’s cultural and gendered upbringing, where she was raised to avoid eye contact, to avert her gaze. This performance demonstrates her personal struggle in social spaces, revealing her anxiety, which creates diverse mixed reality states. This project playfully provides a game space with the goal of targeting eyes in First-person shooter (FPS) mode, using this game space as a strictly governed space, with clear rules and goals. The higher level of this game presents her voice-activated virtual body, allowing her to freely tell her stories, being detached from her social body, exploring her own ways of “Being- In the World”. This project explores the body struggling between objective and phenomenological realms, implementing interactive technology from rigid control to free improvisation.

4 shows have been scheduled for Targeting Eyes:

Thursday 7/18 9pm
Friday 7/19 7pm
Saturday 7/20 2pm
Sunday 7/21 4pm